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Greek Isles Authors: Milan Miki, Johnnie Kazija, Elizabeth White, Salvatore Genovese, Vasil Kadifeli

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Greek Isles: Article

Delos Greece

Sanctuary of Apollo

Delos Greece is one of the most important archaeological sites. It was a major sacred site for the ancient Greeks as Delos was the mythical birthplace of god Apollo and his twin sister Artemis. The island was covered in a variety of temples, shrines and sanctuaries dedicated to a variety of gods, which makes Delos as one big open air museum.

These squatting 7th century BC marble lions are the most photographed artifacts. These are not the original but some tourists don't realize it. The original lions are in the island's museum.

This is the ancient heart of Delos and once contained three great temples dedicated to Apollo along with many other temples, altars and monuments. The Great Temple of Apollo was a Doric peripteral structure with six rows of 13 columns measuring 29.6m by 13.4m. The Temple of the Athenians is a Doric amphiprostyle building with six columns on the facade and a total area of 17.8m by 11.4m. There is also a seven statues made of chryselephantine stood on a semicircular pedestal of Eleusinian marble. The Porinos Naos measures 15.7m by 10m, where the treasure of the Delian League was originally kept. The ancient House of the Naxians is located on the right side of the sanctuary. The Sacred Lake, Sanctuary of Dionysus, site museum and tourist pavilion are nearby spots.

It was the main residential area of Delos when the city was at its peak of prosperity. The ruins of many beautiful mansions and villas can be seen here.

The great classical theater of Delos which could accommodate 5500 spectators and more houses with mosaic floors. The notable House of the Dolphins has fine mosaic depicting the gentle sea creatures.

MOUNT KINTHOSIt is a conical hill rising 112m or 370ft situated at the center of this island. Climb the summit for a view of the Delos ruins below and the distant island of Mykonos. The Grotto of Hercules can be passed by that is covered with stone slabs.

You can reach Delos 30 minutes by small boat from Mykonos. There is also service from the Greek Islands of Naxos, Paros and Tinos. Remember that Delos is strictly a daytrip affair and there are no accommodations, but you can stay at a Villa in Mykonos - for example the Perseas or Costa Ilios Resort . Bring a hat because the sun is relentless and shade is rare.

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